The collaboration from ANTRACITE with the colorful jogging suit brand aeoeaa_ACT arose from the love for Scandinavian brands. ANTRACITE loves Scandinavia! We think the bright colors hoodies, sweatpants and sweaters for men and women are a joy to watch! It's trendy, because yes, in which wardrobe is there no pastel pallet?! The colorful jogging suits are comfortable, of good quality and made for men and women. Do you want to be a fashiontwin with your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend? Or do you prefer mixing the items? Then combine the different pastel colors and items from aeoeaa_ACT.


The vision of aeoeaa_ACT

AE OE AA is a trendy Scandinavian jogging suit brand and register as: Æ Ø Å. It means Always Communicate Truth. The brand believes that an honest message from the heart can penetrate all the visual noise we are exposed to every day. Like for example through social media. When using social media, side effects such as isolation, stress, inferiority and addiction can occur. Therefore, aeoeaa_ACT wants to use social media to communicate "_ACT the spoken word", namely the conversation, the presence, the contemplation and the face-to-face communication. In collaboration with a selection of influencers, aeoeaa_ACT wants to communicate their stories about virtual life and show the real people behind the camera. By doing this, we can help dispel the illusion and expectation that we as individuals must be perfect.


The design of aeoeaa_ACT

Æ and Ø have been part of the Germanic languages ​​for the past 1000 years and Å has been part of the spoken word in Scandinavia for 300 years. Scandinavian design and expression are recognized and appreciated both internationally and nationally. AE OE AA has a distinctly Scandinavian sound and visual appeal, which is understated but very recognisable. The sound and shape of "the spoken word" is the main vision in aeoeaa_ACT.


Women's sweaters from aeoeaa_ACT

Aeoeaa_ACT has sweaters for women available in different colors. The latest collection includes two pastel shades: yellow and green. The great thing is that you can also combine these colors perfectly with each other. This sweat suit brand shows that ladies can combine these sweaters with the various jogging pants and cool sneakers or pumps underneath.


Men's sweaters from aeoeaa_ACT

The men's sweaters from aeoeaa_ACT do not have a hood and are also available in two pastel shades: yellow and green. What do we like about this sweater? It has a logo on the front in one of the pastel colors. A tip from ANTRACITE: score a complete outfit together with your partner!


Women's hoodies from aeoeaa_ACT

The hoodies for women are available in two models: a hoodie with a logo on the front in yellow or green. Or a pink, orange or yellow hoodie without a logo on the front.


Men's hoodies from aeoeaa_ACT

The men's hoodies are available on ANTRACITE in 6 models. Two of these have a logo on the front in yellow or green. Do you prefer a warmer color? Then the hoodies in pink, orange or yellow are worth a look! Take a quick look and shop your comfortable jogging suit!


Women's sweatpants from aeoeaa_ACT

The sweatpants from aeoeaa_ACT for women are available in four pastel colours: yellow, green, orange and pink. Why are we fans? You can combine all sweatpants with hoodies and sweaters. Make a combination of a pink hoodie and orange sweatpants? Or a yellow sweater with green sweatpants? Everything is possible at ANTRACITE!


Men's sweatpants from aeoeaa_ACT

Men pay attention: you should not miss these sweatpants from aeoeaa_ACT! The youth trousers are comfortable and of high Scandinavian quality. These are available in yellow, orange, green and pink. Shop the most beautiful combinations here!


UNISEX items from aeoeaa_ACT

Now you may be wondering why we have the different items online for women & men? The only difference is the sizes. Size XS, S and M is more common in women. We have divided sizes M, L and XL for the men. Shop the sweat suits of aeoeaa_ACT at!