Founded in the land of water, LAW OF THE SEA is committed to paying tribute to all of the oceans around the world. The brand entered the menswear market with a balanced line-up that reflects life in and around the waters that unite us and bring us endless joy. It has neutral shades of blue and green alongside nautical references, deep-sea details and accents reminiscent of the shimmering waves.

LAW OF THE SEA strives for a solid foundation with a range of updated basics, such as hoodies and T-shirts, enhanced by the addition of uplifting eye-catchers. Quality and a strong silhouette are at the heart of every design. The brand's compact collection can be described as eclectic and feels both unique and universal. It features a mix of clean Scandinavian styles and slightly bolder streetwear staples, creating an aesthetic that's both minimalist and playful. LAW OF THE SEA was not made to ripple along, but to go from one moment to the next.