Saint Steve originated in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. SAINT STEVE stands for timeless knitwear with the perfect fit. Versatile items for every occasion. That is the strength of the SAINT STEVES collection. Naturally, quality, comfort and an eye for detail are central, so that the collection forms the basis of every wardrobe every season.

From turtlenecks to zip-up sweaters. Every season SAINT STEVE brings a number of stylish colors and textures back into the wardrobe. The NOOS collection is very strong, with the crew neck sweater in the leading role, which is available in an extensive palette of colors. Whether your day consists of relaxing, a birthday, a chic dinner or a business meeting, with SAINT STEVES knitwear you have the ultimate sweater in your closet every day. So why look further when you already have the best?