“With ease, love and understanding” that is where FiveUnits stands for. This is something that we at ANTRACITE fully support. The brand radiates softness and love. We love the colors! Every season FiveUnits manages to surpass the designs of the pants. What the ladies are wearing at the ANTRACITE office? Five Units pants of course!


The vision of FiveUnits

Five Units is the Danish women's trouser label that was founded in 2008. This women's trousers specialist offers the complete range. From beautiful trousers to casual cargo pants and from jeans to chinos, Five Units has it all. The Scandinavian bottom specialist provides a pearl of a pair of trousers that not only look good, but are also super comfortable. For example, the models Five Units Angelie and Five Units Clara have emerged as the bestsellers on ANTRACITE. But what is the story behind FiveUnits?


The Scandinavian brand challenges you with new trends, looks and the ultimate goal: a completely new you. Designing the brand to make everyday life by designing trousers with quality behind, durability and reuse in mind. FiveUnits designs timeless trousers to make a sustainable contribution to your wardrobe. This way the FiveUnits pants can go with you. Everything for that sustainable wardrobe. That makes us very happy at ANTRACITE.


FiveUnits is busy testing, adapting and styling the most beautiful qualities and materials. One reason is that designing jeans are among the most daring garments. But the brand likes a challenge. That's why FiveUnits' drive has been around for more than 13 years.


The fall collection FiveUnits AW21

**In two weeks we will present to you our new collection! 

FiveUnits has expanded the AW21 collection extensively. Everything revolves around “Renewed Classics”: fun, quality, luxury and beautiful basics. This season's focus is materials with a warm and generous feel. Materials of wool in melange, a herringbone structure and a winter corduroy with soft leather have been used. This fall, a new and authentic palette has been created by FiveUnits. The warm, dark colors have an over role. Think of brown and a warm winter white color. But also not to forget the colors cognac, deep army, blue and misty shades. FiveUnits has combined the favorite styles with the best qualities. This is in line with their brand story: a clear appearance for a timeless design and longevity. The autumn collection basically has the well-known models: FiveUnits Angelie, FiveUnits Clara, FiveUnits Naomi, FiveUnits Haily. And don't forget the beautiful FiveUnits jeans models: Katelyn, Abby, Naomi, Jolie and Alba. Finally, a brand new model has also been added to this collection: model Sarah. This model is available in black.


The winter collection of FiveUnits AW21

**In two weeks we will present to you our new collection! 

The winter collection consists of 25 new styles. Here too, our best-selling models are back in a new jacket (uh...pants). Think of the Angelie, Clara, Haily, Jolie, Kylie and Karen. The new colors that are coming back are mainly Forst Herringbone, Dark Gray Melange, Navy Flow Jaquard, Black White Check and many other new colors. Are you curious? Then take a behavior quickly!


FiveUnits NOOS

You heard it right: “never sold out” or NOOS. This is our favorite abbreviation. You can order these items throughout the year. Why is this interesting? Do you like colorful pants? Then you can order these pants throughout the year. Think of the black trousers: Angelie Black Jeggin, Hailey Black, Jolie Black Coated, Kylie Crop Black or the Clara long black glow. But also think of the Navy trousers such as the Clara long navy glow, kylie navy jeggin, angelie zip marine jeggin from the FiveUnits jeans Katelyn anke split wave blue.


FiveUnits Sale

Last year was our first year live. And what a year this has been… You showed us that FiveUnits is loved. The items from last summer and winter season can therefore be bought in the sale. Think of the beautiful summer shades of broken white, moonbeam or cashew. But also the winter army color, black glow midnight are not to be missed.


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