Law of the Sea x ANTRACITE

“United by the waters on our planet, driven by the current at sea. Grateful for every swell, ride & inspiration of the mysterious sea, This is LAW OF THE SEA. A streetwear and Scandinavian inspired menswear label with very strong fits and fabrics”.


Law of the Sea is a Dutch menswear brand. Trendy streetwear, with a colorful collection of basics. Hoodies, T-shirts and shorts are the basis. The Law of the Sea collections are innovative, comfortable and incredibly cool! How does the brand find its inspiration? On and around the water as the name suggests. What do we find so inspiring about this new streetwear brand? The innovative colors, mega comfortable items, the Scandinavian accents and that everything is dominated by the ocean.


The Story of Law of the Sea

The brand, as the name suggests, was founded in the land of water. The brand wants to pay tribute to the oceans around the world. The ocean connects us. This is also why the brand finds this connection so important. The addition of Law of the Sea? A brand for generations for a large audience. Just like the ocean. Wild and free, this is what connects the sea. For the brand, this is regardless of age or personality. This is what appeals to us about this brand.


Designs by Law of the Sea

Everything about the brand is designed with the ocean in mind. Blues and greens, shimmering waves and deep sea details. This is what every item from Law of the Sea contains. The color palette is innovative every season, surprising and also a picture to look at. Law of the Sea does everything it can for you to pay tribute to the ocean. Every season, the brand manages to surprise us with high quality, cool prints and new colors. We are fans! The footage is also beautiful. For example, the brand has opted for different settings. Law of the Sea shot a campaign in a tropical environment. This imagery fits perfectly with the colorful collection. But also a colorful setting in the studio or shoots around the sea. Have you seen these campaigns yet?


Summer collection Law of the Sea

One thing is certain: the summer collection of Law of the Sea went like a rocket. The colorful products have flown over the counter like hot cakes. Proud to be part of that! New materials, new fabrics and new designs have been used. The soft colors are easy to combine with each other. Do you prefer a matching outfit? Then you have come to the right place at Law of the Sea.


Winter collection Law of the Sea

Last year we sold the AW20 collection on ANTRACITE for the first time. The winter army colors are central. The brand has designed t-shirts, long sleeves, sweaters, shirts and hoodies with different prints. In addition, a new collection will be online from September. Are you curious? Then keep a close eye on our website.


Law of the Sea Hoodie

These men's hoodies are one of our favorites from ANTRACITE. The hoodies have a sporty and casual look, but at the same time stand out because of the bright colors. Cotton is used and the hoodies are detailed by the logo. Not a fan of a hood? Lucky you! Law of the Sea also has cool sweatshirts. The same material and design are used for this. Or combine the hoodie with shorts or pants from Law of the Sea!


Law of the Sea Sweater

These men's sweaters from Law of the Sea are contemporary and of high quality. The sweaters are perfect to wear over a shirt. This ensures a complete outfit and ideal for a late summer evening when the weather is not good.


Law of the Sea T shirts

The choice is huge! Law of the Sea has designed several men's t-shirts. Long sleeve, short sleeve, detailed, with a print or a softer fabric? You want these basics in your wardrobe! The brand has t-shirts with neutral basic colors, but also striking prints. These prints are designed with the ocean in mind. Congratulations to the design team. We are very much looking forward to the t-shirts for the coming season.


Law of the Sea shorts

The Law of the Sea shorts are very comfortable. We get good reactions to this! Stretchy, sporty and classy. These shorts are available in neutral colors or some colorful models.


Law of the Sea discount

Do you want to shop these men's products with a big discount? Which can. We have a large number of products available for sale. Please note, these products are on sale until September. Then we move on to the new winter season.


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