One thing is certain: Elvine is ANTRACITE's No. 1 bestselling brand. What many people forget, last year was our very first winter of ANTRACITE. We newbies are getting ready for the second winter season. We are looking forward to it and have enjoyed your enthusiasm. It is indeed certain: you love the beautiful winter jackets as much as we do from ANTRACITE. Again Elvine is a brand from Scandinavia. And if you already know us a little, then you know that we love Scandinavia. ANTRACITE has a large collection for women and men. This means: large stocks and tailor-made advice. Do you shop Elvine at ANTRACITE? Or do you want to know more about the brand? Then continue reading!


Elvine's Story

The brand is also known as “The maker of jackets”. Elvine is known for quality winter jackets, innovation and is committed to ecological aspects. From the moment the brand launched its first jacket, it has been characterized as the jacket specialist. Elvine Mänd, born in Sweden, has been the source of inspiration for founder Daniël to set up the brand in 2001 in the Swedish town of Gothenburg. It was raining and windy here. This motivated the founder to design high-quality and functional winter jackets. But who was Elvine? Elvine was Daniel's grandmother and therefore named after his grandmother. We at ANTRACITE already like Daniel! Where did the founder get his inspiration from? The humor of the inhabitants of the village, streetwear, nightlife and the love for Japan. Over the years, they have expanded the collection, in addition to only winter jackets, with minimalist basic fashion such as shirts, comfortable pants, sweaters and other contemporary items.


Elvine's Mission

In addition to producing high-quality clothing, the brand also has its heart in the right place. For example, the brand is committed to creatives and homeless people. Not to mention… for the environment. The materials are vegan, super durable and water repellent. The buttons are specially produced so that they do not fall off the jacket easily. In addition, imitation down is also used, so vegan-proof!


Sustainability and washing instructions

The brand stands for durability and produces high quality jackets that can last for years. The jackets are timeless, comfortable and made of sustainable materials. For example, the down is made from recycled PET bottles (see items…) and the brand is part of the Fur Free Retailer initiative. The washing instructions are also not entirely unimportant. ANTRACITE recommend hanging the jacket outside to air it first. Airing the jacket is environmentally friendly. What you should do if you have stains on your jacket? Then use a stain remover without fragrance or oil. Would you still like to use a washing machine? Then only wash the jacket at 30 degrees on a short program. Do you want to be sure of your business? Take the jacket to a dry cleaner or call us for advice 😊


Elvine's winter jacksts

Elvine ladies winter jackets

The women's collection is bigger and more beautiful than ever! Do you want to hear good news? A number of ANTRACITE bestsellers from last year are back in stock this year! For example models: Tiril, Memy, Asha, Evin, Allyson, Alva, Laine, Naemi and Nicole! But this year we also have brand new other models! For the latest winter season, we have supplemented the collection with the models: Katniss, Adiam, Eline, Kendra, Vesper in brand new Elvine colors!


Elvine men's winter jackets

The men's collection flew through it last year. Now we are getting ready for the second season. Just like with the women's collection, we have a number of models that will be back in stock again this year! Lucky Birds! The bestsellers of the men's winter jackets that will be back in stock from September: Abel, Barnard, Bror, Cole, Connor, Gunter, Yarden and Zane. Meet the latest models: Ennis, Fidel, Hjalmar, Rhett, Stellan and Vhinner,


Elvine women's fashion

The winter coat is of course what Elvine is known for. But from recent years the brand has also been focusing hard on minimalist and functional garments. There are also tops, shorts, pants, t-shirts, sweaters, dresses and summer jackets for women. Women can combine these basic Elvine items with other ANTRACITE brands. Think, for example, of trousers from FiveUnits or a nice sweater from Tiger of Sweden.


Elvine men’s fashion

Elvine also has more choice for men outside of winter jackets. The wide collection consists of: sweaters, shirts, t-shirts, pants, summer jackets, shorts and so on. The colors are based on earth tones, nudes and khaki. Men can go for a stylish outfit or a casual look. This collection can also be perfectly combined with our bestsellers from : Tiger of Sweden, Plain, Saint Steve or Law of the Sea.