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Article: How do you maintain a winter coat?

Hoe onderhoud je een winterjas?

How do you maintain a winter coat?

A winter coat, an important purchase, but certainly not always the cheapest. So before you want to buy a new one, here are 6 tips to properly maintain your winter coat and make it last longer.

1 Remove stains

A winter coat does not always need to be washed. If there is a small stain on it, use an ecological stain remover. Rub it in well and then let it sit for half an hour. After rinsing it thoroughly, the stain will probably have disappeared completely.

2 Use a clothes brush

To keep your winter coat fresh and clean, it is best to use a clothes brush. This allows you to easily remove dust and other dirt.

3 Wash low temperature

Too high a temperature will damage the jacket. Avoid high temperatures and wash at a maximum of 30° C. Furthermore, remove things that could damage the jacket and wash the jacket inside out to protect the color.

4 Do not use fabric softener

Avoid fabric softener when washing. It is very bad for the environment, but also for your own health. Preferably use ecological detergent. It is not only better for the environment, but also for the jacket.

5 Outside air works wonders

Let your coat hang out in the open air every now and then. It will make the unpleasant odors disappear and you can wear a fresh-smelling coat again without washing it.

6 Avoid the dryer

Putting the winter coat in a dryer will only damage it. Let the jacket dry on a hanger in the open air. This means it will retain its shape more and remain beautiful.

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