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The title already gives it away, but in this blog we are going to talk about the perfect basic items.

Good basic pieces are not only easy to combine. They are also items that do not go out of fashion and can therefore be worn for several years. So sustainable. Nice, huh? 😊

We have listed a number of good basics for men, so that your wardrobe cannot make any fashion mistakes!

  1. The chinos

This model is worn both for work and for leisure, because the trousers can be combined endlessly. As can be seen in the model below, the color of the pants also makes the item easy to wear. Gray is a color that will never go out of fashion.

Chino from Tiger of Sweden

  1. A shirt

A shirt always looks nice and is a true classic. You can wear it in different ways and therefore wear it on various occasions. A business meeting, having drinks at the weekend or during a night out with your partner. Combine it with a nice sweater, a cool leather jacket or go for a jacket. has a few perfect basic shirts, such as this beautiful white one from Tiger of Sweden.

A blouse from Tiger of Sweden

  1. The blazer

The blazer, a fitted jacket with a chic look. Can be worn to work in combination with matching trousers, but can also certainly be combined with jeans and cool sneakers during weekend activities! It completes every outfit and that is why it is one of our perfect basics.

A blazer from Tiger of Sweden available on

  1. A pair of jeans

It has just been mentioned, but jeans can be worn excellently with the above items. It gives a different dimension to the outfit when combined with classic items. Jeans should radiate quality and last for a number of years. It has never been out of fashion and it goes with everything. A winner that cannot be missing in your wardrobe. Choose jeans with an even wash and neutral color, so that you really get value for your money season after season!

Jeans from DENHAM as a basic item for men

  1. A T-shirt

A T-shirt in white, gray or black can be worn under anything and combined with all colors and styles. That is why it is a perfect basic for every men's wardrobe. Wear it in the summer with casual shorts or style it in the fall with a cool blouse or jacket. Below we have listed a few ideas for you. And for more inspiration you can follow our IG account: @Antracite_com

A basic T-shirt from Resteröds available on

Outfit by Law of the sea and available on An outfit from Law of the sea and available on

Nice all those perfect basics, right? But sometimes wearing a trend item is also a lot of fun. The combination of basics and trend items means that the wardrobe only needs to be renewed at a minimum to radiate quality, comfort and style every season. We understand that you are curious about the latest trends. Visit to get inspiration!

We are curious what you will choose this year. Will you let us know via our socials?

Until then!

Team Anthracite

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