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Article: What does "casual chic" actually mean? Summer dress codes explained.

Wat betekent ‘casual chic’ nu eigenlijk?

What does "casual chic" actually mean? Summer dress codes explained.

What does "casual chic" actually mean? Summer dress codes explained.

Although during these times parties or events still seem a long way away, we remain positive and we are sure that this time is coming again. Think of festivals, summer weddings or garden parties. Most without, but also some with dress code. And then the clothing stress starts. Because what do you wear with the two most mentioned dress codes during the summer: Casual Chic and Summer Chic? We give you tips!

Casual Chic

You often hear Casual Chic. It is an informal dress code that is very common. But casual and chic at the same time? That sounds difficult, but it is actually the way it is. Think of a fairly casual and relaxed outfit, but with chic details. For example, a neat shirt or a blouse with jeans. With this dress code you can certainly wear your "daily" outfits, but with an upgrade.

Casual Chic for women

Dress codes for women are always easier. The clothing palette is more extensive, so there is more choice. For Casual Chic, ladies can, for example, choose a cardigan or blouse with neat pants or skirt. You can also choose a dress and then with a biker jacket or denim jacket. Matching accessories, such as a nice clutch or other bag and your outfit is finished!

Casual Chic for men

For men, the choices are somewhat more limited, although you can create a very nice look when choosing the right colors and fabrics. Think neat chinos or trousers with a shirt or sweater. Sneakers underneath are allowed, provided the rest of your outfit is more elegant. It's all about a neat look. It is therefore recommended with this dress code to shave well. A neat, well-groomed face fits perfectly with the dress code Casual Chic.

Summer Chic

Summer Chic is a dress code that is widely used for weddings. Where the dress code Casual Chic can be used all year round, Summer Chic is really linked to summer. It is therefore about upgrading your summer outfit. A Summer Chic outfit can often be recognized by the use of pastel colors and airy, summery fabrics.

Summer Chic for women

Summer Chic, like Casual Chic, is an informal dress code, but upgraded with chic details. The most obvious for ladies is a beautiful, flowy dress. This can be long or short. Do not wear slippers below! A nice sandal or pump is allowed. Pastel colors do well with this dress code. Your summer outfit supplemented with sunglasses, hat or scarf complete your outfit.

Summer Chic for men

For men you can also think of pastel or natural colors. For example, a beige chino with a white shirt. For a wedding you can also wear a suit with this dress code, but keep it summery. For example, a beige linen suit. The most important rule at Summer Chic in general is: follow the rules of Casual Chic, but with a summer twist.




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