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Article: 5 tips to make your clothes last longer

5 tips om je kleding langer mee te laten gaan

5 tips to make your clothes last longer

You know it, your favorite jeans or blouse is washed, has small holes or stuff. Such a shame! Especially when it is an item that you have saved for longer or what you just really like to wear. And see this item again ...

That is why we give 5 tips to make your favorite garments last longer. Not only good for yourself, but also good for your wallet and the environment.

  Wasn't too often

We throw our clothes in the laundry every day. After wearing it, washing is so nice and fresh. However, this is certainly not always necessary. Only wash your clothes if they are really stained or have an unpleasant odor. Just hanging out in the open air is often more than enough to keep your clothes fresh again. Washing is disastrous for your clothes. With each wash, the fabric loses some of its quality and the material becomes less soft. Just think of your jeans that are very stiff after washing. Note: Delaying washing does not, of course, apply to underwear and socks. Washing there is so nice and fresh every day.

  Follow the guidelines of the clothing label

True, the clothing labels are often annoying. They sting, itch and sometimes they are whole books. Yet these labels are there for a reason. It contains really valuable information when it comes to treating your garments. Especially when it comes to washing and drying your clothes. Some items are better not to put in the washing machine, but to wash by hand. The dryer is sometimes not recommended at all! It is best to let your clothes air dry. Follow these guidelines faithfully and your clothes will last longer. A tip that is often not on the label, but is very useful: wash your clothes inside out and close zippers and buttons. Washing it inside out keeps the color looking good for longer. Closing zippers and buttons ensures that they are less likely to cause damage.

  Remove stains as soon as possible

There are plenty of mess pots. There is a stain on your clothes with every meal. And some products cause tricky stains ... such as wine or ketchup. It is best to take your clothes off immediately to cause a stain. Immediate treatment ensures that the stain does not absorb too much into the fabric. Allowing an absorbent product, such as salt, to soak in reduces the damage more often. How you can best treat this differs per product. Just checking the internet or asking your mother or grandmother works best.

  Neatly fold and store your clothes

Nothing is more unkempt than wrinkled clothes. Take good care of your clothes! Iron it neatly after washing or use a steamer. Then fold or hang it neatly. Use the right hangers to keep your clothes in good shape. Not too many clothes in a closet against each other, this also causes wrinkles and then you can start steaming or ironing again. And too much ironing is not good for your clothes, because of the heat.

  Try to make broken items first

Throwing away is easy. A hole in your T-shirt or a loose seam and our clothing quickly ends up in the trash. Sin! Often the item is like new with a simple needle and thread and you can enjoy it for a long time. Tying a knot is also easy. Are you really not successful? Then take it to the tailor. They make your clothes look as good as new!

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