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Article: 5 basics that everyone should have in their closet

5 basics die iedereen in zijn kast moet hebben

5 basics that everyone should have in their closet

Less is more. It is better to invest in a few nice, more expensive basic items that you will last for a long time, than to buy a new wardrobe every week that will get you tired quickly. With a good set of basics you can combine endlessly. And yes, this applies to both men and women.

Basics for women

Good jeans

The basics of the basics. Good jeans last for years and can be combined in so many different ways. Both casual and chic. When buying jeans, pay close attention to the fit. Does this fit nicely, do your buttocks look good? It seems so simple, but the fit can make or break your outfit.

The LBD (little black dress)

In different shapes and sizes, longer or shorter, with sleeves or without sleeves. The options of the black dress are endless, but it is always possible. Casual with sneakers underneath, chic with a pair of killer heels. Choose a dress that suits you, that will really complete your outfit.

A white blouse

Perfect for those basic jeans: a beautiful white blouse. You can choose a tailored version or more oversized if that's your style. You can also use the white blouse for various occasions. Formal or informal. Also ideal for under a warm sweater during the winter months.

White sneakers

Good sneakers are a must, and preferably white. And yes, white sneakers are now also allowed in winter. Make sure you continue to take good care of them. Nothing is as turn off as worn-out, dirty (once white) sneakers.

High heels

A nice pair of (black) heels, also indispensable. Give your outfit that chic upgrade that you sometimes just need. Oh yeah, practice walking on heels before you go into town. A wider heel provides more stability and makes walking on heels easy. Are you really going to be a mess in this? Then be sensible and put on your sneakers.

One last tip for the ladies: invest in good lingerie. You can still wear such beautiful basic items, but when you see the lines of your underwear or bra, everyone is distracted from your outfit. Do not prevent this. Underwear is not directly what you see when you enter, but it is the base that should be good before adding the other base layers.

Basics for men

A nice shirt

In ladies, we are specifically talking about a white shirt. This is also recommended for men, although a nice, light blue shirt for men is also very suitable as a basic. Formal to wear under a suit, casual on jeans. Make sure your shirt is neatly ironed. Nothing is more unkempt than a crinkled shirt.

The leather jacket

Perfect for when it is a bit cooler outside, but a thick winter coat is too much. In addition, it makes your outfit a bit cooler and a leather jacket is timeless. Also not unimportant, women like the "bad boy / Grease" look. Attention guaranteed.

The knitted sweater

As with a good white shirt, you can wear a knitted (dark blue) sweater a lot and everywhere. On jeans, beige chinos or beautiful trousers. In addition, it is also nice and warm. A nice sweater can also be worn well over the basic shirt, for a more "preppy" look.

Dark blue jeans or chinos

We remain in the color dark blue! Simply because this is a beautiful, basic color and (almost) everyone looks good. This time, the color dark blue is about a good pair of jeans or chinos. Wear it with a white shirt, a blue sweater or a white T-shirt. Endless combinations are possible and good jeans last for years.

White sneakers

Last but not least: white sneakers. Just like for ladies indispensable in your wardrobe. And also for men: take good care of your white sneakers. A day of festivals and are your sneakers completely covered in mud? Clean them with soapy water so that you look the next day to put them through a ring.

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