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Article: Winter-ready with these handy jacket tips!

Winter-ready met deze handige jassentips!

Winter-ready with these handy jacket tips!

You won't believe it after such a long hot summer, but autumn is just around the corner. Are you already prepared for this?

With a new season comes a new coat. However, the perfect winter coat is not always easy to find. Wind, rain, cold... In the Netherlands you are surprised by the weather every day. Curious how you can deal with these weather conditions? Then read on!

“It's better to be dressed too warm than to be dressed too cold,” my mother always said.

A winter coat must provide warmth. When purchasing a new jacket, there are a few product specifications to look out for. This way you are assured of a warm copy!

Insulating materials ensure that heat is absorbed and coolness is repelled. The ELVINE jacket below contains Thermore EVOdown. This is an example of insulating material. Another example of this is wool. The wool fiber is curled into a spiral shape that absorbs a lot of air. This means it protects equally against cold and heat.

Wet, wetter, wettest!

In addition to cold and wind, autumn also brings a lot of rain showers. Prepare for this by purchasing a water-resistant jacket. A normal rain shower contains approximately 1500 mm. Before purchasing a jacket, check how many millimeters the water column of the item can handle. This model, GUNTER, has a water column of 8000 mm. Bring on the rain showers!

It is getting colder, darker earlier and there is less sun. This causes winter blues for many people. Therefore, make sure you have a jacket that makes you feel good!

Do you want to be assured of a good, sturdy and timeless winter topper? Then go for ELVINE's FEVEN 110 black. This new model is a bit shorter, making it a nice fit. This item is also made in black, so it matches any outfit. This short jacket with hood has been treated with an environmentally friendly water-repellent impregnation, making the jacket perfect for the Dutch winters. In addition, this model is extra special because of the pockets that contain fleece and the jacket has a drawstring around the waist so you can wear it in the way you feel best!

Has this blog made you feel warm and are you curious about what the perfect match is for you? Check for many more jackets!

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