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The ANTRACITE team is happy to assist you from our pink office in the sunny south. Do you want to get an idea of ​​who you spoke to? Then meet our toppers :)

Anyone who doesn't pay will get our Audry on his or her roof! Perhaps not necessarily a punishment for most. Now without fooling around, our charming Audry is punctual and ensures that the financial administration runs smoothly. Without Audry: no ANTRACITE.

So…. Now it's my turn. I am proud to tell you that I am responsible for the marketing of ANTRACITE. This wonderful shop feels like my baby and I do everything I can to make it grow bigger with all my love. If I have to believe my colleagues, I am a super sweetie who knows how to get things done. Do you have any tips for our webshop or would you like to chat or discuss areas for improvement? Then feel free to call me!
Isa is our new addition to the marketing team. Isa will be the first on the line if you have any questions. She thinks along with you as best she can to provide you with the very best advice. She is punctual, creative and a real organiser. With all her connections here and there, Isa gets everything done! In addition to customer contact, our Ies is also great at arranging shoots and contact with all collaborations with influencers for campaigns. Do you have a nice idea for Isa? Or do you want to collaborate with ANTRACITE? Then ask for Isa!

Our design star aka creative brain. What can't our Mel do? Designing banners and the home page, editing reels, creating shop looks, you name it. What Melina can't stop talking about? Food! Because food is life, right?


Ryan – pronounced Ri-An. Like, Rihanna, but different. Even though our Ryan is often addressed as 'sir' in emails, as you can see in the photo, you are dealing with a very charming lady. And how lucky she was, in her first month she was already allowed to go to Paris for the ANTRACITE x Paris campaign. How cool?! Ryan is our online marketing queen and ensures that the back end of the webshop runs smoothly. Are you encountering anything on the website? Or do you have tips for us? Feel free to send Ryan a message.


That will be difficult with two Sophies on the team. So we came up with the nickname Fie. So that no two heads turn when someone says "Sophie". Fie is a Commercial Economics student and is busy writing her thesis with us. Fie is a go-getter and creative! Fie is happy to share the stories you see. Fie also supports us in writing newsletters, the returns process and checking all stocks! Good luck with your graduation, on to your diploma :)