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It's December again and you know what that means. The entire month is all about the holidays and socializing with family and friends. With Sinterklaas behind you and Christmas still to come, you could probably use some inspiration to spoil your family and friends with a beautiful gift. At ANTRACITE you will not only find the most beautiful fashion brands, but also wonderful lifestyle brands. Spoil your loved ones with a wonderful home or body package from SPREAKENHUS. SPREAKENHUS home accessories ensure that your home is completely ready for the holidays. Create an atmosphere and provide a wonderful scent with SPREAKENHUS candles, or take good care of yourself with body products, such as hand wash or hair products. The well-known thermos flasks from GLACIAL are also definitely worth a look if you are still looking for a nice gift. These bottles keep your drinks nice and warm or cold for up to twelve hours. At ANTRACITE you will find gifts in every price category. Take a quick look at the webshop and who knows, you might find the perfect gift for the holidays for your parents, your partner or your brother or sister!

Gift idea 1: Home Care from SPREKENHUS

Spoil your loved ones with a wonderful home accessory from SPREKENHUS. These items create some atmosphere in your home. Ideal on the dark days. With the scented candles and scented sticks from SPREKENHUS you not only make your home very attractive, but you also create a scent that your guests will positively admire. At ANTRACITE you will find SPREKENHUS scented candles in three different variants: 'Love is Blind' , 'Amber Infatuation' and 'Courage' . These candles each have a unique scent that transforms your home into your paradise. These lifestyle items from SPREKENHUS are the ideal gift for the holidays for your mother, your girlfriend or your sister.

Home care products from SPRKENHUS

Gift idea 2: Body Care from SPREKENHUS

SPRKENHUS not only offers lifestyle items for the home. At SPREKENHUS you will also find the perfect body products. These products vary enormously and range from hand soap to hair products. With SPREKENHUS body products you give the perfect gift for the holidays when someone is ready for a little relaxation and self-care. Go for the ultimate SPRKENHUS gift by combining the various home and body products and giving them as a gift in a beautiful package.

Body care products from SPREKENHUS

Gift idea 3: Accessories for him & her

At ANTRACITE you will also find the most stylish accessories for both men and women, to give as a gift during the holidays. Beautiful and practical accessories are essential to complete your outfit. Accessories are the perfect gift to spoil someone during the festive month. Every man is happy with a nice leather belt. These can be worn both formally and informally and are very practical. At ANTRACITE.COM you will find belts for men from TIGER OF SWEDEN . These belts are offered in different colors, so you can choose from your personal style and taste. Another item that every man attaches great importance to is his wallet. Give a beautiful black wallet from TIGER OF SWEDEN as a gift to your friend, father or brother and you are guaranteed to be happy with it. The socks can be seen as a standard gift to give, but the opposite is proven every year. You are not likely to buy socks for yourself, but they are a very nice and practical gift to receive. At ANTRACITE you will find different types of socks. You can go for formal socks, such as the ABRAMIO from TIGER OF SWEDEN. You can also go for more casual socks, like the SINES from LAW OF THE SEA or the multi-packs from RESTERÖDS . So treat someone to a pair of good and comfortable socks

Bags for women, most women can't even live without them. This is the perfect gift for the holidays. Give your partner or mother a beautiful bag as a gift if she doesn't have one yet or if her current bag needs to be replaced. All Christmas long you won't hear anything other than how happy she is with the bag she got from you. At ANTRACITE you will find bags for women from the brand: TIGER OF SWEDEN. These bags for women differ in size and model, so there is a nice bag for every woman.

Accessories for women and men

Gift idea 4: Boxer shorts for men from RESTERÖDS

The same applies to this gift as to the socks. You simply don't buy boxer shorts for yourself, which is why you are very happy when you receive them as a gift for the holidays. With this in mind, you can start your search for the ideal boxer shorts for the man you want to spoil. The boxer shorts for men from RESTERÖDS are a very good option. These boxer shorts are available in different colors and models. You can also purchase them in a multi-pack to give as a gift. These multi-packs can consist of different numbers of boxer shorts of different or the same colors. Take a look at the RESTERÖDS men's boxer shorts page and find the perfect gift for men for the holidays.

Boxer shorts for men from Resteröds

Gift idea 5: A warm sweater

A comfortable and warm sweater cannot be missing from anyone's wardrobe during the winter. This is the perfect gift for the holidays. At ANTRACITE you will find sweaters for men and women in many different models. For men, the leader in terms of sweaters is definitely SAINT STEVE. This clothing brand offers sweaters with a classic, yet stylish look. SAINT STEVE sweaters can be worn for different occasions and in different ways. You can wear SAINT STEVE sweaters wonderfully casual for a day around the house, but you can also wear them over a shirt to the office for a business casual look. With winter approaching, a sweater from SAINT STEVE is an ideal gift for men for the holidays.

When we talk about frontrunners, the beautiful brand AVEC ĒLAN should certainly not be missing. You can shop a beautiful collection of knitwear from this women's brand. AVEC ĒLAN sweaters can be worn and combined in different ways. You can shop for women's sweaters from AVEC ĒLAN in different models and colors. Take a look at the AVEC ĒLAN web page on ANTRACITE.COM and discover which model is your favorite to give as a gift or to wish for the holidays.

Sweaters for women and men

Gift idea 6: A winter coat from ELVINE

If you are looking for a stylish gift in a slightly higher segment than the above, it is very nice to give a new winter coat as a gift to your loved one. The cold weather has arrived, so most people have taken their winter coats out of the closet again. Many discover at this point that their winter coat actually needs to be replaced. A winter coat is therefore a perfect gift for the holidays. The winter coats from ELVINE really stand out in this regard. These winter coats are both stylish and practical. The two features you expect from a winter coat. ELVINE winter jackets are made of a water-repellent and windproof material that is 100% made from recycled PET bottles. For women, the ELINE and NAEMI are very popular. You can shop these models in different colors. So you can completely rely on someone's personal style and choose a nice winter coat accordingly. The GUNTER is very popular for men. You can also shop this jacket in different colors, such as: 'Dark Navy' or 'Martini Olive'. There are plenty of other models to discover for both women and men. So take a look at the ELVINE collection page on ANTRACITE and who knows, you might find the perfect gift for the holidays!

ELVINE winter jackets for women and men

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