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It is the month of holidays. Christmas is just around the corner and we all know what that means: Nice get-together, good food, some presents and don't forget, putting on your best party look. Everyone naturally wants to look good during their Christmas dinner and uses all the tricks they can to achieve this, but how do you ensure that you stand out above the rest? We at ANRACITE are here to help you and give you some outfit inspiration for the holidays. This inspiration will ensure that you sit at the table with your family or friends in style. If you could use some tips and tricks to create a suitable party look, read on and discover how you can sit at the Christmas table in style again this year.

A complete suit

An outfit that is always very suitable during the holidays is a complete suit. A complete suit is a safe but also stylish option for both men and women. You can put together a complete suit in different ways. Suits come in all kinds of combinations and colors. For example, combine your favorite blazer with matching trousers, or wear a beautifully finished waistcoat with these trousers. At ANTRACITE.COM you will find different suits for men and women. When it comes to men's suits, there are two brands that stand out above the rest. These are the brands: TIGER OF SWEDEN and J. LINDEBERG . You will find different types of combinations of these brands in the webshop. Go for the complete TIGER OF SWEDEN look by combining the JUSTINS blazer with the TENUTAS pants, or go for a complete J. LINDEBERG outfit by wearing the HOPPER U ACTIVE HOPSACK blazer with the GRANT ACTIVE HOPSACK pants. A neat shirt is of course a perfect match for a complete suit. You can combine and experiment with different colors to create the ultimate party outfit. For example, take a look at the shirts for men from VAN HARPER . You can shop these shirts in different colors and are both casual and formal, ideal for the holidays. Are you going for the complete suit or are you reading on for the other outfit inspiration for the holidays that we have to offer you?

Complete suits for women and men for the holidays

Satin party look

An outfit that always works well during the holidays are the satin outfits. These outfits have an elegant and luxurious look and feel festive. For women, a satin top in a burgundy red, light green or dark blue color is very suitable for the holidays. For men, a satin shirt in combination with smart trousers can be a good choice. Don't forget to add accessories that complement the outfit. This can be subtle jewelry for women or a nice watch and a neat tie and pocket square for men. Take a look at ANTRACITE.COM for some satin outfit inspiration for the holidays and you might find your complete party outfit at a glance!

Satin outfits for women and men for the holidays

The perfect dress

For women, a beautiful dress is of course also a very good option for a party outfit. Dresses for women are available in different models and colors. At ANTRACITE you will find very beautiful dresses from AVEC ELAN . These elegant knitted dresses have a fitted fit and ensure that you feel comfortable throughout Christmas. This is due to the soft, stretch material of the dress. The ideal thing about a dress is that you are ready immediately. Combine the dress with some glitter accessories such as a cool earring or striking bag and long boots and your party look is complete. The long knitted dresses from AVEC ELAN are available in three great colors, SAND, DARK NAVY & CHERRY RED. With the red dress you will certainly steal the show during the holiday! If you prefer a more subtle look, the SAND & DARK NAVY dresses are perfect!

Go for the dress that makes you feel most confident and you will definitely shine in your party outfit!

Dresses for women for the holidays

Combine a shirt with a half-zip sweater

For men, a half-zip sweater is a very suitable item to wear for a festive occasion. The half-zip sweaters for men often have a casual, yet formal look and are often very comfortable. For the holidays it is very nice to wear a shirt under your half-zip sweater. This provides a festive and neat touch to your party look. Take a look at the SAINT STEVE collection page. Here you will find half-zip sweaters for men in different models and colors. The half-zip sweaters from SAINT STEVE have a casual-chic look that is perfect for the holidays. Wear a VAN HARPER shirt under this half-zip. These shirts are very suitable for the holidays and can be used very well in this outfit.

Half-Zip sweaters for men

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