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Article: The right skin care - winter edition

De juiste huidverzorging - wintereditie

The right skin care - winter edition

Smooth, radiant and healthy skin, who wouldn't want that?

We are inundated with beauty routines, advertisements and influencers recommending products.

But what really matters? And is this the same for every skin type?

What skin type do you have?

  1. Normal skin

Normal skin is smooth skin with an optimal moisture and fat balance. Take different seasons into account when cleansing and moisturizing the skin.

  1. Dry skin

Dry skin develops wrinkles more quickly because there is too little sebum in the skin. Central heating and air conditioning remove moisture from the skin. As a result, many people suffer from dry skin. This can be avoided with thick, nourishing creams.

  1. Combined skin

Dry and oily skin makes up combination skin. The different zones on the face require different care. Water- or powder-based formulas resist grease breakthrough better than rich creams and liquids.

  1. Fat skin

Oily skin is due to increased sebum production. Increased sebum production can have various causes, such as heredity and hormonal fluctuations. A mild cleansing will help restore balance.

The quality of the skin can be affected by various things. This includes UVA and UVB rays, pollution, stress, poor diet, etc. This can cause some parts of the skin to discolour.

Antioxidants can neutralize this and are found in SPREKENHUS products.

SPREKENHUS products apply antioxidants to strengthen and improve the skin. The basis of the SPRKENHUS formulations is always argan oil. Vitamins A, C and E are used to help the skin repair and protect its surface cells.

SPRKENHUS stands for a long-lasting feeling of well-being. You deserve that!

Eye cream from SPREKENHUS

A powerful cream blend of antioxidants for all skin types.

This concentrated and complex blend of antioxidants is designed to richly nourish the delicate skin around the eyes. Antioxidants provide premium protection, while botanical extracts provide intense hydration.

Face cream from SPRENKENHUS

A nourishing daily moisturizer for dry or sensitive skin.

This extensively researched formulation omits many known contributors to sensitive skin, including conventional artificial preservatives. The complex blend of plant extracts is immediately absorbed and provides maximum hydration where it is needed most. Extremely dehydrated skin will enjoy the rich hydration offering of this cream.

Anti-aging night serum from SPREKENHUS

A concentrated blend of precious plant extracts providing powerful doses

vitamins and fatty acids. Relieves, nourishes and repairs dehydrated skin.

Perfect for normal, dry to extremely dry and sore skin.

Leaves the skin supple and nourished with a long-lasting finish.

Curious about all the products from this environmentally friendly brand?

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