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Article: You want to know these spring trends for 2021!

Deze lente-trends voor 2021 wil jij weten!

You want to know these spring trends for 2021!

A new season has started and we are completely excited, because this means new trends for 2021! ANTRACITE.COM naturally has a wide range of items for men and women, but also lifestyle and skincare items. In this blog you will find the trendiest items for next season. Are you curious about the biggest trends of 2021 for the spring season? Read on and be completely ready for the season with the spring trends of 2021.

Nude colors are the fashion trend for this season!

Neutral colors are completely trendy this spring and summer for men and women. You can combine these neutral colors nicely with white items or with other neutral items. Do you love tone-on-tone? Then combine beige trousers with an earth-colored top or T-shirt from Elvine . The nice thing about this trend is that it is suitable for both men and women and can be implemented in outfits for both. Quickly shop your favorite items in neutral colors and fit in with the 2021 trends !

Men; quickly create your look with neutral colors.

And of course we have also collected trendy nude items for women!

Prints & Co-ord sets

These spring trends of 2021 are more aimed at women, but men don't worry, you can also participate in this fashion trend !

Let's start with the prints. Prints come along every season and we love them. Checks, leopard or dots; there is plenty of choice within the prints! You can also see the nicest prints in our Glacial Bottles. Go for a matchy-matchy outfit with a beautiful Glacial bottle. Tip: by choosing a bottle in a nice print or color, you will always recognize your bottle!

Prints, prints, prints:

The nicest sustainable bottles!

Another fashion trend; The co-ord set or the two-piece set, which, as the name suggests, consists of two matching items! This is ideal for those days when you have no idea what to wear. The co-ord set for women has a nice print or striking buttons. For men, these co-ord outfits quickly become chicer, where you can wear a matching jacket and trousers as a co-ord set. Combine your trendy co-ord with a nice pair of shoes and you are ready-to-go!

The best co-ords for women;

Chic co-ords for men!

Skincare is a hot topic!

After all, radiant skin is also the best accessory for a cool outfit and is therefore part of this 2021 trend. But where do you start? Within skin beauty products there are of course different types of products; cleansers, masks, lotions, creams, shampoos and much more!


Let us now offer the skin care brand at ANTRACITE: Sprekenhus! This Norwegian brand uses the best natural ingredients, allowing your face, skin and hands to shine. The name of these products clearly states what you are using it for. Extra fun; the packaging of Sprekenhus products! This has a beautiful appearance, making your skin beauty attract attention in your bathroom.

Do you love diffusers and candles? Sprekenhus also has these in the most delicious scents in the collection. Take a quick look and make sure you follow the skin beauty trends of 2021!

Casual is still the new chic!

Think of an occasion where the casual-chic outfit cannot be worn. No? We've got you there! That is why this is also a trend this year. For men you will find the most beautiful basics at the Resteröds brand, which are ideal for a casual outfit.

Are you going out and do you want to shine in a casual look with striking items? Take a look at Peak Performance ! This brand has cool hoodies and sweat pants in its collection, with which you can complete your casual look. For our color lovers we have the nicest colorful suits from the brand aeoeaa_ACT. These colorful jogging suits are available for men and women and will make you steal the show!

The fashion world has completely embraced casual items and that is why they are a real must-have for this spring and summer. This way you will completely fit in with the spring and summer trends of 2021!

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