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Play the game…

The coming weeks will be all about the COUNTDOWN WEEKS. At ANTRACITE.COM we love clarity, honesty and transparency. We would like to share the SALE period and structure with you. We start the summer sale on July 1. This summer we are kicking off and you will receive a 30% discount on our sale items for 2 weeks from July 1. From July 15, 40% discount for 2 weeks and from August 1, we will drop to a whopping 50% discount. The discount then remains there. We do not go deeper than 50% for the beautiful items that we want to sell to you. Now you may think “Ohhhhh, but then I'll wait until 4 weeks from now and buy my favorite item with a 50% discount.”

Of course, you can do that. But…. You also run the risk that your favorite item is sold out and that you miss out. So… play the game! 😊. Do you go for certainty or do you go for our maximum discount? That's entirely up to you! COUNTDOWN WEEKS let's gooooo!

So better safe than sorry… and shop SALE !

Have a nice competition and enjoy the great discounts these weeks!

Lots of love,



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Shop wise, think twice: wat komt er allemaal kijken bij het retourneren van een pakket?

Shop wise, think twice: what is involved when returning a package?

A return is a major expense for an online webshop in 2022. Why does ANTRACITE charge €4.95? There are many actions involved and we want to be open about this. "Just returning a package" is the ide...

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NEW NEWER NEWEST! Check hier dé nieuwe parels van dit moment

NEW NEWER NEWEST! Check out the new gems of the moment here

With these warm temperatures we don't have to think about the cold winter days yet. Yet we are secretly looking forward to the autumn and winter collection. ANTRACITE has already got a lot of beaut...

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