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Article: Shop wise, think twice: what is involved when returning a package?

Shop wise, think twice: wat komt er allemaal kijken bij het retourneren van een pakket?

Shop wise, think twice: what is involved when returning a package?

A return is a major expense for an online webshop in 2022. Why does ANTRACITE charge €4.95? There are many actions involved and we want to be open about this. "Just returning a package" is the idea we want you to adopt and this process is not without consequences. Read on and "shop wise, think twice".

Better yesterday than today

This is the attitude that we are increasingly accustomed to striving for (as an online store) and to adhering to (as an online buyer; because yes, we also love online shopping). We expect a quick response, shipping and handling. We at ANTRACITE try to meet these high standards. But of course there are also human actions involved and this takes time. Fortunately, we haven't all been exchanged for robots yet ;)

Choose the right size? - call or email us for advice

If you are not yet familiar with a brand, a disadvantage is that you cannot try on the items in advance. You will then have to assume the correct size. So we understand better than anyone that you would prefer to order two sizes. Still, we hope that before you make this choice; please contact us. We can give you the best advice. We want to think along with you and can accurately estimate which size you need best.

The process of shipping and returning

A package goes from A to B via different routes. The package goes from the warehouse to a distribution center, sorting center, parcel shops and as a final station; your house. Why does returning have an impact on sustainability? This is due to these steps:

  1. Your ordered package will be picked up from our warehouse in Belgium by DPD. This is the moment you receive your tracking via email.
  2. DPD then takes all packages to a sorting center.
  3. In this center, all packages are sorted by employees within a few hours. After sorting, a driver will be assigned to your order.
  4. The driver drives to his destination and delivers the package with all the love. Are you not at home? This package is then returned to a parcel shop and the driver visits again the next day (the necessary CO2 emissions).
  5. Once you have received the package and the order is not as hoped. Then you can register the package as a return via Sendcloud. This can be done within 14 days after purchasing your order.
  6. You then take the package to a DPD parcel shop and from there the journey back starts again.

Making conscious choices

So... It is a fact that the returns process has an impact on sustainability, in a negative sense. And sustainability is now high on the agenda in e-commerce. The package goes from A to B and this causes the necessary CO2 emissions. We want to limit this impact and contribute as best as possible. You can find a clear size chart for many brands with us, you can always call us for advice and we have set up a returns process through a collaboration with Sendcloud. We hope that conscious choices are made in this way and hope to give you insight into why we charge return costs for these actions.

Need advice? Then call or email us :)

If you would like to register a return, click here for more information.

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