Fashion in a bottle: that's GLACIAL. Why ANTRACITE loves these thermos bottles?! Ice cold water, coffee, tea; everything is possible! We can't live without these bottles at the office. And the designs? The designs are beautiful as well! Join us at ANTRACITE and thousands of others on our journey to reduce this plastic waste. A Glacial bottle is just the start.


The story of Glacial

With this thermos bottle, Glacial challenges you to make a commitment to change some of your daily habits; no more plastic waste. A change that the future will thank you for. GLACIAL offers thermoses that stay cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. And then also in a fashionable jacket!


Together we can make the difference. For example, Glacial states: “It is not about making life-changing decisions. It's about making small decisions that will make a difference”. One million plastic bottles are bought every minute worldwide. Every minute…! And every year, hundreds of million tons of bottles, bags, take-out boxes and other plastic materials are produced to be used only once - and then thrown away. A normal person produces an average of 400 kg of waste per year, the majority of which consists of disposable items. Glacial believes that together we can make a change by challenging our consumption patterns and moving from single-use plastics and items to a more sustainable alternative.


Steps to take according to Glacial:

For example, you can support local entrepreneurs by offering your Glacial thermos bottle at your favorite coffee shop. This way you help to reuse Glacial. Also think about giving a lasting gift. We know better than anyone that coming up with a suitable gift is and remains difficult. By giving a gift that is timeless, you prevent pollution. The beauty of Glacial? For every thermos bottle that is bought, they donate €1 to the WWF. We think it's a great gesture. Another example of Glacial is #YellowForChange. This initiative means that the brand wants to make people aware of pollution. The brand wants us to open our eyes and look at the world around us. If there's no need to pollute the world, let's stop doing this.


Fashionable designs

The fashionable Glacial thermos bottles are hip, durable and can last a long time. A total of 33 thermoses are available on ANTRACITE. Glacial has a wide collection of designs with a print to 'shiny' glitter thermos bottles. Most bottles are 400 ml of stainless steel material. We have designs available in metal, matte, a print or full of glitter. From bright orange, to a print that resembles a starry sky. Glacial has it all! View the entire collection here!


The thermos bottle can last for years, provided you use it in good condition. Read on and we'll give you some tips & tricks.


How to use a Glacial bottle?

We have prepared a number of tips for you. Before using the bottle, rinse the bottle and cap with dish soap and warm water. We do not recommend washing the bottle in the dishwasher, as this may affect its insulating ability. Wash the bottle with warm water and detergent, you can use a regular dish brush or shake it with warm water and detergent. Don't put the bottle in the freezer because the bottle is insulated, you can't cool the water this way, but put some ice cubes in the bottle if you want cooler water. Do not heat the bottle on the stove or over an open flame. The insulation in the bottle prevents you from heating the liquid in this way and the bottle can also be damaged during heating. Finally, we do not recommend the use of strong chemicals such as bleach or chlorine, which can cause the bottle to rust.


Glacial x Social media

Glacial is an active user of social media. The brand is committed to raising awareness. The fashionable thermos bottles quickly catch the eye. The colorful designs are an eye-catcher. We already see a lot of influencers passing by on social media with a nice Glacial bottle in their hand. A pleasure to see all the new images. We are of course happy to share this on our Instagram page! Are you curious about all Glacial posts? Then take a quick look!