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Sale price€30,00

This frequent-use formula will soften, add shine and hydrate hair without weighing it down. Hair will be left hydrated, disentangled and smoothed.

· Contains Argan Oil

· Rich in Protein

· Restores damamaged hair

Apply to wet hair after shampooing

Leave for 1-2 Minutes and rinse well

0 % Sulphate

0 % Phosphate

0 % Paraben

This refreshingly scented balm is boosted with skin-nourishing nut oil extracts. Intense hydrating properties make it the ideal product to alleviate seasonal dryness or to relieve skin regularly subjected to air-conditioned environments.

Massage desired amout from neck to toes, concentrating on dry areas such elbows, knees and feet.

HYDRATING CONDITIONER - 236 ML Sale price€30,00