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Just Female x ANTRACITE

Feminine and tough, that's what Just Female stands for. This Scandinavian ready-to-wear clothing perfectly combines trends and wearability. Characteristic of the collections are the dresses and skirts that are feminine but always have a cool edge. During the design, the three key words were kept in mind: ”Clean, sophisticated and contemporary”.


The Story of Just Female

The brand was founded in Copenhagen in 2007 by founder Penille Andersen. Zi is the creative heart of the brand and develops the collections together with designer Nadia Cerri. The founder wants to create a contemporary brand by incorporating the latest trends in the design of the items. The brand aims to be a fashion-forward brand with a view to the future. Sustainability is of paramount importance when designing the clothing. The mentality in Copenhagen reinforces this. In this city, inspiration is gained by the clean, aesthetic lines. Ultimately, this results in beautiful collections with raw and feminine characteristics in the designed items.


The design of Just Female

The high quality of the brand ensures long-lasting enjoyment of the products. Are you going out for an evening? Cozy dinner? Or do you take the beautiful items with you on a city trip? Just Female can be worn for any occasion. The brand aims to focus on multiple seasons, for sustainable use. The design team of Just Female is constantly trendwatching and looking for timeless fashion. The goal is to create innovative, basic items every season where the details have been well thought out.


Responsibility & Sustainability of Just Female

The brand works closely with many international companies around the world. These collaborations are built to gain inspiration and share knowledge. Sustainability is central to Just Female. The brand has developed several collections with a sustainability label. Every season, the brand challenges itself to include several products from the entire collection under the "sustainable choice" label. This ultimately means: more sustainable products. In addition, the brand is also committed to various initiatives such as: Plant a Tree or We Care. This initiative means that for every product sold, a tree is planted in Denmark in its place.


Summer collection from Just Female

The summer collection is offered on ANTRACITE with a 50% discount. A great offer, if we do say so ourselves! You can shop different categories: skirts, dresses, blouses, pants, trousers, tops and many more categories. The products are comfortable, feminine and tough. The women's brand can be perfectly combined for different occasions.


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