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Maison Macolat x ANTRACITE

Have you ever seen it before? A fashion webshop that also sells chocolate? No... That's what we already thought. ANTRACITE is unique with its range of clothing and chocolate. Why did we choose this? Who doesn't love chocolate...

Maison Macolat products are delicious, aesthetically pleasing and we really like the story behind the brand. Do you want to know more? Then read on quickly.

The story of Maison Macolat

There once was... A Bunge family. They left for South Africa to establish a Friedewald Farm. The local Zulu population was transformed into an Argarian jewel in 1883. Part of the family lived in South Africa, the other part had a prominent status in Antwerp as a trading company. The family owned a beautiful estate on the Oude Gracht in Antwerp. What is the purpose of Maison Macolat? Bringing the best of Africa to Europe.

Ultimately, the son of the sixth generation, together with Julian Bunge, set the goal of bringing the world's most premium Macadamia nut from South Africa to Europe. Was that goal successful? We at ANTRACITE agree with this. Are they delicious? Of course. The founder of Maison Macolat has a collaboration with one of the famous Belgian pastry chefs.

The macademy note

What makes the macademia nut so special? This chocolate is rich in aroma and has a crispy bite. The founders of Maison Macolat have thought carefully about the flavor combinations. A total of five different flavors have been made with a lot of love: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel sea salt, ruby ​​rose and yoghurt. What are we fans of? The beautiful photography of Maison Macolat. The chocolate stands out so well and looks beautiful.

Give Maison Macolat as a gift

Chocolate makes everyone happy. Would you like to give Maison Macolat as a gift? We think this is an original gift. Do you want a nice combination of delicious flavors? That's also possible!

Shop Maison Macolat at ANTRACITE

In addition to clothing and lifestyle brands, you can also enjoy these delicious macademia nuts. Would you like to know more about Maison Macolat or be kept informed of the news? Then sign up for our newsletter 😊


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